• How can science and innovation

    create cities of the future?


  • The Facts

    Hackathons are not a spectator sport


    Winner takes all cash prize

    50 entrants

    Hacking + pitching

    3-5 March '17

    All weekend (more)


    Clayton Campus (map)

  • #GlobalCityHack

    This unique weekend combines two of the most powerful agents of change: STEM and entrepreneurship. This weekend is an opportunity to generate ideas, build projects with experts and put them to the test in a final pitch.

    Why a hackathon?

    In this speedy innovation-to-impact weekend, you’ll experience the fast-tracked process of developing a business, all in the context of using STEM innovations to address one of the world’s most prominent issues: sustainable cities and communities.

    Explore the challenge

    STEM and entrepreneurship can play a pivotal role to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


    In line with the eleventh goal, to achieve cities that are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, the ideas developed at the #GlobalCityHack will reshape the way we address the issue with forward-thinking solutions to one of the most persistent global challenges.

    The support crew

    Throughout the entire weekend, delegates will be supported by experienced entrepreneurs and knowledgeable experts from not-for-profit and NGO sector.


    See the full list of talent and support below.

  • Great minds.

    Engineer Without Borders Australia




    Committee for Melbourne


    The Generator Incubator


    Foundation for Young Australians


    Fitzroy Academy


  • Friday, 6:00 pm


    Arrive at the venue and get checked in, meet the crew.

    6:30 pm

    Speakers + hype

    Learn a thing or two from our expert speakers about how to get the most from the event.

    7:00 pm

    Eat something

    Small, short, healthy snack to get you ready for pitching.

    7:30 pm


    We leap straight into sharing ideas and getting started

    8:30 pm

    Team formation

    Delegates choose the 12 best ideas and form teams.

    9:30 pm

    Network / get some sleep!

    Get some early networking in, or go home and get some rest!

    Saturday, 8:30 am

    Doors open

    Workshop with your team, get some ideas refined.

    10:00 am

    Lean Canvas Workshop

    30 minutes to build out a business model for your idea.

    11:30 am

    Design Thinking workshop

    A workshop to help you gain insight with design thinking methodology.

    12:45 pm


    1:00 pm

    Mentors arrive

    Get some insight and feedback from experts.

    6:30 pm

    More food!

    Let's eat some pizza!

    Stick around later if you'd like, or head home early!

    10:00 pm

    Last call, finish up!

    We'll need to lock the doors, so go home already. :)

    Sunday, 9:00 am

    Review ideas

    Check in with your team and plan out the last day together.

    10:30 am

    Pitch Deck prep

    Expert help prepping your deck, plus pitch practice.

    12:00 pm

    Lunch time!

    2:00 pm

    Mentor support

    Mentors check in again to help participants refine pitch decks.

    3:00 pm

    Pitch O'clock!

    Teams deliver their final pitches to our expert panel.

    5:00 pm

    Winners announced

    Our judges make the final call.

    5:30 pm

    Network + finish up

    Spend an hour winding down with your crew...

    6:00 pm

    Go home!

    That's all, folks. High fives all around, get some sleep.

  • Talent.




    Will Dayble - Fitzroy Academy



    Peter Baynard-Smith - CEO, Engineers Without Borders Australia

    Martine Letts - CEO, Committee for Melbourne

    Dhakshy Sooriyakumaran - Ylab Director, Foundation of Young Australians

    Sasha Courville - Head of Social Innovation, NAB



    Brett Van Duppen - Policy and Research Officer, Committee for Melbourne + more.


    Mentors include:

    Laura Faulconer, Laura Baker, Julie Stevens, Helena Fern, Claire Dixon,

    Tanushree Rao, Sandra Arico, Stephanie Andrew, and more.


    Event Manager:

    Rowan Brookes - Education Director, Monash University

  • Event is sold out.

    Positions are strictly limited, and this event is full.


    See you next year!

  • Code of Conduct

    We're using the Fitzroy Academy CoC for this event, read it here: